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Gender Stratification

Written By sholeh on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | 10:00 PM

Our world is very different, as it is multicultural and multinational. Every nation on this planet has its own believes, rules and traditions. Every person knows that our population is divided into females and males that live together side by side. It's quite logical that if every nation has its own believes rules etc. then the attitude towards males and females in different countries can be also different. To understand this question we should focus on the topic of gender stratification.

To begin with, we should give definition to our term "gender stratification". Basically our book describes it as unequal distribution of wealth and power between male and female. It is very close to the topic of social stratification, but it focuses on the difference between male and females. Some people believe that women are still not the same as men are. I personally think that this idea refers somehow to "conservatism" when men just do not want any changes in their life. If we look in to the past, we will see that in the most countries men had more privilege than females. Is it right? My answer is no.

From my perspective even though a female in most times is weaker and shorter than a men, it doesn't mean that she should get less wealth or power. I see women as creators of life. Without them life on the planet would have been ended.

Okay, women are weaker and shorter than men, but what about sports. Hundred years ago men believed that women can't run as fast as men. But what do we see today is that women almost can run as fast as men. If we compare the results of the marathon we will see the clear difference.

At the same time men believed that women can't vote because they are not intelligible enough. They believed that they didn't have any interest in politics. But what do we see today? There are some women in the world who have high positions in the politics, for example Angela Merkel, Candoleezza Rice and Tarja Halonen. But at the same time there are only few of them. Yesterday the new Cabinet of Ministers in Estonia was announced and only one woman has the chair of minister. Is it right or it is not, I don't know. But anyway it's an example of inequality in the politics.
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  1. Gender is a serious problem nowadays because we know that women are having similar position to men that in the next competition, each party will be competed.degree in social work


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